Safe Amalgam (Mercury Removal)

  • Air purifier and filter to remove mercury toxins for safe amalgam removal
  • Rubber dam to isolate tooth so no mercury is ingested
  • Vitamin C supplements and referral to naturopath for IV vitamin C
  • Supplemented Oxygen administered during procedure
  • Ozonated water to destroy anaerobic bacteria
  • High grade masks to protect staff from mercury ingestion
  • Protocol to remove amalgam in the safest, most conservative manner

BPA free dentistry

  • Options for dentistry without BPA toxicity
  • Resin fillings with minimal or no BPA
  • Invisalign is BPA free

Fluoride free dentistry

  • Used minimally

Natural Oils

  • Ozone oil
  • Oil pulling
  • Therapeutic oils

Biocompatible Root Canals

  • Use of biocompatible materials
  • Option for safe root canal treatment depends on your general systemic health and condition which we will review at your appointment

Saliva pH

  • Measure pH saliva to quantify acidic/basic condition of your mouth
  • Cavities thrive in an acidic environment (low pH)

Minimal radiation

  • Minimize number of xrays as we realize thyroid cancer is on the rise
  • o 3D imaging unless needed for dental surgery or implant placement

alvanic current measurement

  • Testing of galvanic current in the mouth
  • Test if current is present due to metals in the mouth which could contribute to headaches, etc

high volume suction

protocol to cut mercury amalgam in a proper, safe way

oil pulling (10-15 min) - pulls out toxins esp if have metals in mouth

toothpaste: virgin coconut oil

O3: kills bacteria on contact; h202 doesn't do that

root canal: sealer, gutta percha cant seal perfect - prevent biological invasion of anaerobic bacteria - 

biocompatible Root canals: good - BC (bioceramic) sealer - biocompatible, calcium based material, osteogenic (helps bone be laid down), hydrophilic (likes moisture) - pH 12.4, takes 48 hrs to set (disinfecting for 48 hrs)

-if immunocompromised (systemic condition, cancer, etc) - may extract

-pH strips

-gold - biobompatible - not pure too soft - mixed with copper and tin

-bruxzer - more biocompatible than gold? 

-resin or porcelain (BPA or fluoride - but dissipates quickly)

-less xrays - thyroid cancer