The World is our Ohana

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At Maui Dental Group, we thrive on experiencing different cultures in the world by doing what we can to give back to local communities.  We travel overseas once a year with non-profit medical groups with the intention of creating sustainable change.  We help provide oral health education by using local, renewable resources and try to avoid introducing new, unattainable supplies.  We live by the quote by Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

We have volunteered with Operation Smile, Aloha Medical Mission and UCSF's Rainer's Fund. 


UCSF Kenya Oral Health Study, Lakipia, Kenya

The sticks that you see used in the mouth are called an "mswaki" and is their form of a toothbrush.  The bristles are made by chewing the end of the stick and creating a frayed edge.  It works wonders and keeps their teeth incredibly clean.  We spent several months working with the Mpala mobile van clinic, providing oral health education for the local village children.  We used disclosing tablets that showed the children where plaque was accumulating on their teeth and then helped them use the "mswaki" to clean the teeth.  We also provided oral examinations and limited dental care. 



Tata Cancer Hospital - Mumbai

This was a very emotionally challenging medical mission.  The majority of our patients suffered from oral cancer, which can quickly become life threatening.  The smallest sores or lesions in the mouth can often be hidden or look completely innocent, when they could actually be cancer.  It is absolutely important to have routine oral cancer screenings to ensure that a dental professional is examining your entire mouth, especially the areas on the sides of and under the tongue.    Some studies have shown that even alcohol containing mouthwashes can contribute to oral cancer.  Our philosophy is to be as natural as possible, using a more holistic approach to oral health.  


Aloha Medical Mission - Bohol and Bacolod


Aloha Medical Mission - Coca (Amazon)

Myanmar (Burma)

Aloha Medical Mission - Yangon, Dawei


Operation Smile - Trujillo, Peru